Our Philosophy

Our 1-to-many model is a new paradigm in healthcare delivery. We leverage technology to guide people through a personal and seamless healthcare experience when, where, and how they need it.

Nutrition is our starting point because "we are what we eat" is a fact. But nutrition is also part of a larger picture. Good nutrition has the power to impact every area of health and wellness, from stress levels, to energy, to weight, to improving chronic illness. That's why our approach is about the whole you.



The Team


Nus Sharif


Former Product Manager at Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, and Hedge Fund/Private Equity Analyst at SCS Capital. Absolutely driven to to help people reach their health goals.

Favorite food: As long as it's spicy, I'm in!


Emil Ray


Former lawyer (UC Berkeley grad and Fulbright Scholar at University of Geneva) who moved into tech. Worked in the digital advertising and payments industries, in Tel Aviv and Boston. Still transitioning to better nutrition in his own life.

Favorite food: Definitely chocolate