Within Health for Employers

We provide monthly 1:1 Nutrition Coaching to boost your employees' wellness, productivity, and energy.

Best of all, it is easy to set up and convenient for your team. We start with a quick call to gather info and schedule the first visit.



  • Quick chat with you to gather info & schedule visits
  • Employees sign up & book their sessions online (we typically see a 10-20% response rate across employees)
  • Our nutritionist comes to your office & meets 1:1 with employees monthly


Increase employee health, happiness, productivity and engagement

Decrease time out, sick days, and insurance costs

Build a culture of wellness



Success Stories

We’re seeing some incredibly positive responses from employees who’ve seen our nutritionists:

  • Helped an employee get into the habit of eating a healthy breakfast to ensure good energy and focus throughout the morning.
  • Helped another clear up skin issues.
  • Improved sleep cycles of an employee through smart use of melatonin.
  • Lowered an employee's cholesterol intake without decreasing protein.


  • Retention: 80% of first-time clients book a second nutritionist visit

  • Satisfaction: 9.4/10 avg rating


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Nus Sharif, CEO

Nus Sharif, CEO